Welcome to the Westway Group LLC website. Westway Group is a leading global provider of bulk liquid storage through its subsidiary Westway Terminal Company LLC

Westway Terminal Company is a leading provider of independent bulk liquid storage for agricultural products, oils, and chemicals, spanning North America, Asia and Europe.

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Demand Spurs Growth. Westway Group's reputation for quality bulk liquid storage services has led to significant growth and an ambitious expansion program.


2014-06-24 Demand spurs significant growth and an ambitious expansion program>> 2014-03-31 Koole acquires four European terminals from US based Westway Group>> 2013-10-06 Philadelphia expansion to increase capacity by 11 million gallons in September 2014>> 2013-08-30 Grays Harbor, WA expansion project to add 800,000 barrels of storage capacity for crude oil>> 2013-08-23 Houston expansion to increase capacity by 30 million gallons in four years>>